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RISE programs feature our dynamic, interactive curriculum, which increases an understanding of racial equity and builds cultural competence. We equip professional, collegiate and school-aged athletes, coaches and administrators with the tools to address matters of racism, prejudice and inclusivity.

RISE's curriculum covers topics such as identity, bias, diversity concepts and athlete activism and teaches skills such as perspective taking, empathy, critical thinking and leadership.

Our programs, which are offered virtually or in-person, build skills and create safe spaces to have important and often difficult conversations about race, perceptions and stereotypes that must take place in order for a community to grow. We empower participants of all ages to be leaders for racial equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion.

"I've never seen conversations or material promoted in a way that's been more constructive or more positive in my experience in creating equitable environments within which to compete."

Ashton Henderson

Executive Associate Athletics Director for Championship Resources, Michigan State University

"This is honestly the most worthwhile endeavor I've been a part of."

Tony Beltran

Real Salt Lake Assistant General Manager

After RISE Programming


say they learned something they can start using today


of students say they want to deepen their knowledge of race and diversity issues


of students feel equipped to have difficult conversations about race and diversity.


would intervene to stop racial discrimination.

Youth and High School Sports Leadership Programs

RISE works with high schools, middle schools and community organizations to engage teens and their coaches in programs that combine RISE's experiential learning curriculum and skill building with sports. Participants often play together and learn together.

RISE programs with teen athletes, coaches and athletics staff have been conducted with partners across the country in cities/regions such as Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis and New York, partnering with local professional sports teams like the Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Lynx & Timberwolves and Real Salt Lake, and community organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs and Police Athletic Leagues.

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Coaches Leadership Series

RISE believes youth and high school coaches are uniquely positioned to positively influence their athletes and the communities in which they compete. To prepare coaches and athletic staff to proactively address challenges related to racism and create an inclusive team environment, we offer a Coaches Leadership Series. As a part of the series, we often partner with professional teams to further unite coaches in their communities to foster relationships among neighboring schools and teams. Read more about the impact of our Coaches Leadership Series as a part of our work with the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Strengthening Community-Law Enforcement Relations

We use sports to unite law enforcement with the communities they serve to build stronger and safer communities for everyone. With some of our programs, we partner with professional sports leagues, teams and athletes to bring together local youth and officers to learn and play together, breaking down barriers, building trust and strengthening relations.

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See the impact of our program with the NBA: Building Bridges Through Basketball.

Read our report on Changing Perceptions and Building Relationships Between Youth & Law Enforcement.

"This program showed me just because I'm young, dosen't mean I'm not a leader in my community."

Naja'Ray, 15
Denver, CO

College Programs

Our data shows that 94% of collegiate athletes feel racism is a concern in our country, and nearly three in four are willing to engage in programming focused on issues of race, diversity and inclusion. That's why RISE partners with collegiate institutions, athletic departments and conferences at all levels across the country to educate and empower students, athletes, coaches and administrators to be leaders in discussing and addressing racism, prejudice, diversity and inclusion. Much like our programs at the youth and high school level, we also offer trainings for collegiate coaches and can incorporate law enforcement and other community organizations into our college programs.

Learn more about our college programs and our customized strategic approach to creating inclusive campus cultures.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Professional Development

We lead interactive workshops and programs for pro and collegiate teams, including athletes, coaches, administrators and front office staff that cover a multitude of topics and skills, such as bias, anti-racism and inclusive leadership. RISE can also conduct a needs assessment for an organization through surveys and discovery phase workshops to gain an understanding of relevant perceptions and experiences regarding race and social justice within an organization in order to inform strategic plans designed to meet customized diversity, equity and inclusion goals. These programs are also available for corporate partners.

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"Truly a stunning and impactful session that has added invaluable insight into our efforts to combat racism in all forms."

William J. Heller

New York Giants SVP & General Counsel

RISE Framework for Cultural Competence

We work with all sports, at all levels, across the country, and engage all races to change attitudes, thoughts and behaviors. RISE's framework for cultural competence can serve as a guide for any organization to build the most inclusive and successful culture.


Keep a finger on the pulse of the organization.


Raise the level of knowledge around issues of race, diversity and inclusion.


Build structures that make diversity and inclusion work pervasive and holistic.


Identify ways to support minority stakeholders.


Create spaces and opportunities for cross cultural dialogue.


Explore and download some of our educational modules to learn how to facilitate our interactive curriculum. Explore our glossary of race-related terms and concepts to support discussions on these important topics.

RISE glossary

RISE has created a glossary of race-related terms and concepts to support discussions on these important topics. Additional content will be added to the glossary on an on-going basis.

Download PDF

Resource Guides

This module helps participants explore labels central to our identities while also demonstrating just how fluid our identities can be. Participants also discuss ways in which diversity can be valuable.

View Module Ver Módulo

Within this module, participants learn the definitions of key terms related to race and diversity and how these constructs sometimes shift depending upon the social context.

View Module Ver Módulo

During this module, participants learn about the difference between equality and equity and how they can be used to achieve fairness.

View Module

Within this module, participants examine examples of professional athletes using sports as a vehicle for social progress. They also explore ways in which they can use their own platform to drive change.

View Module Ver Módulo

During this module, participants learn about the influence and responsibility that social media users have and examine what makes this type of content positive or negative.

View Module

Juneteenth is a commemorative holiday, honoring June 19, 1865 and the end of chattel slavery in the United States.

View Module

MLK Day in the United States occurs on the third Monday of January, when we as a Nation celebrate and honor the activism, achievements, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

View Module

Celebrate Diversity Month originated in 2004 and was created to identify, highlight and honor the diversity of the world around us and its citizens.

View Module

Haitian Heritage Month is a month-long observance created to highlight the expansive culture, art, cuisine, and history of Haiti.

View Module

National Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM), observed annually in April, celebrates the many cultures of Arab people.

View Module

Intersectionality refers to the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group and their status in society.

View Module

This module provides participants with an opportunity to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. The module concludes with a discussion on effective methods for community building.

View Module

Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM) is an annual recognition and celebration of American Jews' achievements and contributions to the United States

View Module

In this module, participants discuss instances of being included and excluded. They also are challenged to explore the connection between racism and experiences of inclusion and exclusion.

View Module

During this module, participants explore the use of racial imagery in sports and the varying points of view on the subject.

View Module

This module helps participants reflect on their own influence and power and how it can be used for positive change.

View Module

Within this module, participants gain an understanding of empathy and practice the difference between problem solving and empathetic listening.

View Module

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually in the United States from September 15 through October 15.

View Module

Black History month is a celebration, but it is also a call to action, and this has rung true for leaders throughout history, since its inception as a holiday in 1926.

View Module

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is an annual observance and celebration recognizing the historical and cultural contributions of Asian and Pacific Americans.

View Module

Pride Month is celebrated annually during June in the United States. Recognition takes place in a multitude of ways, from parades and party-like celebrations to seminars and workshops.

View Module

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a holiday celebrated in the United States to observe the day the Continental Congress, government representatives of the 13 colonies, formally adopted the Declaration of Independence.

View Module

Indigenous Peoples' Day is celebrated in the United States annually on the second Monday of October to honor the cultures and histories of America's Indigenous people.

View Module

Women's Equality Day in the United States is celebrated annually on August 26th commemorating the day the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified to the U.S.

View Module

Global Diversity Month (GDM), sometimes called Global Diversity Awareness Month celebrates the beauty in diversity of thought and belief, and the positive impacts produced from the multicultural society we live in.

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Digital Modules

In this module you will be introduced to RISE and our mission to fight against racism. We will define racism and provide you the opportunity to hear how some current and former athletes are using their platform to speak out. Finally, we provide you the opportunity to take the RISE Pledge to End Racism.

View Activity Module

Racism exists in various forms. In this activity, we'll explore the differences between systemic racism and interpersonal racism, and how both might manifest themselves in your daily life.

View Activity Module

Test your knowledge of important race-related terms and concepts from the RISE Glossary to assure you're best equipped to engage in critical conversations around topics such as race, identity, diversity and inclusion.

View Activity Module

RISE to Vote

Voting is critical in the fight for social justice. Explore our RISE to Vote resources to learn how, where and when to vote in all of your upcoming elections.

RISE to Vote

RISE Digital Learning Series

The RISE Digital Learning Series is a web-based interactive experience that equips students, athletes, coaches and fans with the tools to be culturally competent and advocates for racial equity. Follow along as athletes and experts provide perspective on critical topics such as racism, identity, athlete activism and more. The series features blogs, videos, podcasts, live chats and other interactive games.

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Published October 2020

RISE College Athletics Survey on Racism & Athlete Activism
View Data
Published June 2020

Changing Perceptions and Building Relationships Between Youth & Law Enforcement
View PDF
Published Feb. 2018

The Athlete's Quest For Social Justice: An examination of 2017 Goals and Impact
View PDF
Published Feb. 2017

From Protest to Progress: Athlete Activism in 2016
View PDF

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