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With a remarkable ability to transcend societal differences, the sports community – athletes, coaches and sports administrators at all levels – can provide an essential influence to improve racial equity in our country.

We are committed to empowering them with the tools, knowledge and experiences to address racism and champion social justice. We create unique opportunities for athletes, coaches and staff to learn and amplify their voice to make a difference as effective advocates.

Critical Conversations

We host strategic and programmed conversations to develop solution-oriented agendas that focus on provoking positive change in the community and nationally. Our town hall and round table series use sports to convene the likes of athletes, students, coaches, staff, community leaders and law enforcement, to discuss ways they can create positive social change in respect to race relations, inclusivity and social justice.

RISE to Vote

We've engaged thousands of professional and college athletes, coaches and athletic staff through our partnership with RISE to Vote, empowering them to use their power and their voice to effect real change. We help educate them on critical issues facing their community and how they can become more active citizens, and provide access to leading experts and resources that help strengthen and elevate their message. We also facilitate engagement with their fans, empowering them to become leaders that inspire others to get involved.

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Pledge to Vote

"RISE provides an outstanding program that delivers such a crucial message to athletes, and one that I would recommend any team hear."

Kenny Atkinson

Head Coach, Brooklyn Nets

"I wish I'd have had something like this when I was younger in the league."

Quincy Acy

NBA Veteran

Leadership & Sports Advocacy Workshops

"It's impossible to have a voice if you're not learning. This is a great opportunity to understand what it means to be an advocate."

Takeo Spikes

NFL Veteran

Diversity & Inclusion Sports Consortium (DISC)

We are a proud member organization of the Diversity and Inclusion Sports Consortium (DISC). DISC is a partnership among diversity and inclusion practitioners from the largest sports organizations in the country. Members engage in meaningful, thought-provoking and open dialogue; work together to exchange best practices for diversity and inclusion efforts in the sports industry; and produce ample resources and best practices to advance diversity and inclusion within sport. Other members include: ESPN, MLB, MiLB, MLS, NASCAR, NBA, WNBA, NCAA, NFL, PGA, PGA Tour, U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee, USTA and You Can Play.

Each member organization takes turns hosting the annual DISC Sports Diversity & Inclusion Symposium.

RISE hosted the sixth annual DISC Symposium in Detroit 2018. NASCAR will host the next symposium in Daytona, Florida this October.

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Join us and become a Champion of Change.

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