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Experiential learning is a powerful tool to empower the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice and improve race relations.

We created the Champions of Change experience as a tool to extend our work to sports fans across the nation, believing that every individual has the power to help create a more equitable and socially just world.

Champions of Change takes fans on a multi-sensory journey designed to educate, evoke empathy and inspire action. Whether learning about the intersection of sport and society through our interactive timeline, hearing personal stories of athlete experiences with racism or articulating your own commitment to racial equity and social justice, this fan experience inspires the Champion of Change in each of us.

See the Road to Progress.

Explore our interactive digital timeline that chronicles the history of sports and social justice and the important role athletes have played in advancing civil rights throughout history.


A Walk In Their Shoes

Part of the Champions of Change experience gives fans a chance to walk in the shoes of their favorite athletes, who share their personal perspectives on race, identity, social justice and activism.

Ricardo Allen

Candace Parker

Kristen Ledlow

Caron Butler

The experience is featured at the biggest sporting events around the country, including Super Bowl, Final Four and NBA All-Star.

Bring Champions of Change to your next event.

Our Champions of Change experience can be customized to highlight the role of your organization in the quest for racial equity.

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